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Recommended tasks and hints for July

Keep the pond water level topped up. It’s surprising how much water

will evaporate during a sunny spell.

Tie in climbers and stake dahlias and other tall plants to prevent them flopping

Maintain a consistent watering and feeding regime, remembering that different varieties of plants will have different needs and that plants growing in pots will need a little extra

Keep up the fight against slugs, snails and other pests. Encourage birds and other wildlife into the garden and they’ll lend their support.

Remove side shoots from cordon tomatoes and water and feed regularly.

It can get very hot in the greenhouse so leave the door and vents open and consider applying shading paint or similar. Damping down the floor with a hose will help to reduce the temperature and increase humidity

Pick cucumbers as soon as they’ve reached the right size for the variety and are still nice and firm. A slice of cucumber in a G&T makes a lovely change to the traditional lemon.

Keep picking courgettes to encourage the plant to keep producing.

Share with friends and neighbours until they beg you to stop.

Early potatoes will be ready for lifting but dig under just the one plant first to check they are the size you want.

Prune shrubs that flowered in early summer.

One of the least strenuous of gardening jobs must be deadheading. With a careful snip snip here and a pinch pinch there your plants will be revived and freshened.

Tomato Tip

Now is a good time to apply some fresh compost to any pots containing tomato plants. This will add much-needed nutrients and encourage new roots. To get the most from your plants, do keep your watering consistent and feed weekly with high potash fertiliser.

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