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Recommended Tasks and Hints for April 2022

April is a busy month for gardeners !

Here are just a few of the jobs you might want to consider :-

  • Divide perennials

  • Stake tall growing perennials

  • Protect young growth from slugs and snails

  • Remove annual weeds by hand

  • Deadhead daffodils but keep leaves for approximately 6 weeks - the leaves help provide the bulb’s energy for next years display

  • Sow annual climbers and grasses

  • Plant summer bulbs - dahlia, canna and gladioli

  • Sow leeks, tomatoes and courgettes and keep sowing successional vegetables - lettuce, radish, beetroot, peas, broad beans, salad onions and turnips.

  • You can now also sow swiss chard, carrots, summer cauliflower, kohl rabi, leeks, radish, peas and perpetual spinach

  • Plant main crop potatoes.

  • Apply an 8 cm thick layer of organic matter to rose and shrub beds to retain moisture and reduce weeds.

  • Prune back Salix and Cornus to improve winter stem colour

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