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Recommended Tasks and Hints for August 2021

  • Feed and water plants in containers

  • Mow less frequently if the weather is hot and dry

  • Trim hedges

  • Prune rambling roses after flowering

  • Collect ripening seed from plants you wish to propagate

  • Trim lavender after flowers have faded

  • Take cuttings from tender perennials such as pelargoniums and fuchsias

  • Lift and dry onions

  • Cut and dry herbs for winter use

  • Water and feed tomatoes at regular intervals and remove yellowing and lower leaves

  • Apply lawn feed - use a fertiliser with a high phosphate content. In late summer it is not advisable to apply a high nitrogen fertiliser to a lawn as it will promote vigorous growth which will not stand up to the rigours of winter. Fertilisers with high phosphate content will instead promote root growth which will toughen up the grass for winter.

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