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Recommended Tasks and Hints for July 2021

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

1. Deadhead roses. On hybrid tea roses cut back any flowers to a healthy sideshoot or a strong outward facing bud.On floribundas cut back entire trusses of flowers to a healthy sideshoot or bud.

2. Trim conifer hedges.

3. Divide irises. Lift the clump of old knobbly rhizomes and cut off small healthy young pieces each with leaves attached. Cut straight across the fan of leaves. Replant the divisions in a sunny spot 4 - 6 inches apart with the rhizomes just below the soil surface

4. Cut and dry everlasting flowers.

5. Water and feed containers and hanging baskets to extend the colourful display

6. Water vegetables regularly to prevent bolting

7. Harvest early potatoes, artichokes and shallots.

8. Stop climbing beans. When climbing beans reach the top of their supports pinch out the tips of the leading shoot. This will encourage plants to make more sideshoots lower down so more beans are produced.

9. Stop outdoor tomatoes after the 4th truss.

10. After the last fruits have been picked, trim all the leaves of your strawberry plants with shears and compost.

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